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Many local venues and community hotspots have had to shut their doors, with 23% of small businesses reporting temporarily closing their business entirely since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. While things have started to turn around, with 86% of remaining businesses in July reporting they are either fully or partially open, more than half still worry about having to permanently close their business, according to the US Chamber of Commerce.

And yet, some businesses have been able to pivot their model entirely and thrive during Covid-19.

According to CNN data:

  • Video game company sales are up 21% to $1.52B in the first quarter of this year.
  • Disinfectant products were up 230% in March and April.
  • Peloton revenue grew 66% in the first quarter of this year.
  • Slack added 9,000 new paid customers (up 80% from last quarter)
  • Zoom’s stock is up 120% in 2020.
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