Create capacity to care with the top asynchronous telemedicine platform.

Treat patients 10 times faster, increase clinical visit capacity, and reduce staff burnout. Zipnosis optimizes provider efficiency within existing workflows so patients get fast, affordable, expert care for hundreds of conditions straight from their phone.

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It’s time for telemedicine that’s built for the people who use it.

Consumers are demanding change.

  • Seeking more convenient healthcare experiences
  • Frustrated by complexities of the healthcare system
  • Spending dramatically more out of pocket on healthcare

Providers can't meet demands on their own.

  • Expected to treat more patients with fewer resources
  • Burdened by the administrative load of EHR systems
  • Experiencing increased burnout
Reshaping care

Telemedicine isn’t new to the industry, but when it’s done right it achieves goals that health systems have been striving to reach for decades. Zipnosis is the cohesive path to expanding access and creating efficiencies that also reduces costs and provider burnout.

second provider work time per visit

Triage and routing

The moment a patient interacts with your health system, our Digital Front Door® solution is there to improve the experience. From ease of access to virtual triage, this is your gateway to patient acquisition, increased revenue, and decreased patient leakage.

annual revenue per new patient in the first year

Patient experience matters

Traditional care models are the backbone of the healthcare industry but consumerism is changing the way patients interact with those models. Either embrace this change and become a disruptor or sit back and wait for your organization to be disrupted.

net promoter score from patients

Together, we can drive a better healthcare experience through technology and support that make a real difference.

Integrated Empathy

We are sharply focused on innovation that improves the human experience. For patients, providers and healthcare organizations.

Progressive Technology

We design technology that evolves healthcare ecosystems. It’s flexible, multimodal, and drives business outcomes.

Relentless Allies

We won’t stop until we build a better system together. We are your co-creators from strategic development through implementation and beyond.

Disruptive Visionaries

We are unconventional thinkers who passionately partner with those who share our vision to shape the future of technology in care delivery.

Prioritize your patients’ and providers’ time

For both patients and providers, time wasted is money wasted. Patients are willing to spend more for convenient, quality care. Providers are wanting to spend less time doing administrative work and documentation so they can spend more time with patients.

The data speaks for itself. Our asynchronous solution prioritizes both your patients’ and providers’ time.



“We were trying to figure out how we solve the challenge of helping people navigate healthcare.

Zipnosis was able to help us understand different ways we could help our customers find the best point of care for the severity of their illness, and to help guide them either to continuing to a virtual visit in the Zipnosis platform, or transitioning to a different care option at Allina Health.”

CHRIS DUFRESNE — Director, Digital Consumer and Employee Experience


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We’re driving healthcare change with ideas and action.