Traditional healthcare is broken. We’re building a better way.

Consumers are demanding change.

  • Seeking more convenient healthcare experiences
  • Frustrated by complexities of the healthcare system
  • Spending dramatically more out of pocket on healthcare

Providers can't meet demands on their own.

  • Expected to treat more patients with fewer resources
  • Burdened by the administrative load of EHR systems
  • Experiencing increased burnout

It’s time for virtual care that’s built for the people who use it.

Together, we can drive a better healthcare experience through technology and support that make a real difference.

Integrated Empathy

We are sharply focused on innovation that improves the human experience. For patients, providers and healthcare organizations.

Progressive Technology

We design technology that evolves healthcare ecosystems. It’s flexible, multimodal, and drives business outcomes.

Relentless Allies

We won’t stop until we build a better system together. We are your co-creators from strategic development through implementation and beyond.

Disruptive Visionaries

We are unconventional thinkers who passionately partner with those who share our vision to shape the future of technology in care delivery.

We’re showing consumers the future of healthcare.

With Zipnosis, patients get convenient access and a simplified care experience that costs less than traditional medical settings.

We’re empowering providers to give a better level of care.

Zipnosis helps providers meet demands by removing administrative tasks and letting them provide patient care quickly and efficiently.

This is the future of healthcare. Are you ready to join the revolution?
Some forward-looking partners who have joined us to drive the future of healthcare.

We’re driving healthcare change with ideas and action.

Introducing a Broader Digital Front Door™

Introducing a Broader Digital Front Door™

This week we made an exciting announcement – we are joining forces with GYANT to offer a more intuitive and accessible digital patient experience through a broader Digital Front Door™ offering. If you saw Jon Pearce’s Four Predictions for Virtual Care in 2020 this...

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Synchronous Visits Just Got a Serious Upgrade

Synchronous Visits Just Got a Serious Upgrade

We talk a lot about “integrating empathy” at Zipnosis — empathy for patients, providers, and healthcare organizations. What is the point of innovation if it doesn’t improve the human experience?  Which is why I am so excited to introduce our newest product upgrade:...

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