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Matt Hodges
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News that the innovative healthcare enablement startup, Florence, has acquired Zipnosis, the leading async-first care solution, has the health tech space buzzing. With features in Fierce Healthcare, Healthcare Finance, and over a dozen more media outlets, let’s take a closer look at the news surrounding our acquisition.

As we share in our press release, Florence is adding Zipnosis’ technology to its suite of offerings to build a modern, more accessible and efficient healthcare experience for clinicians and patients. Axios expands upon Florence leaders’ decision to acquire Zipnosis.

“We actually had an initiative internally to build something that was very similar to Zipnosis,” Rahman says.


“When we got further down the path, we realized, ‘Hey, this is a really interesting asset. We should see if we could bring some of it in-house,'” he adds.

Florence will leverage Zipnosis’ virtual care technology and 15-year partnerships with leading health systems to enable clinicians with greater capacity to care. Acquiring an established platform that’s already proven to increase capacity and expand access to care through more than 4.5 million encounters enables Florence to achieve its goals faster than originally anticipated — especially since Florence and Zipnosis share the same vision. 

VatorNews dives deeper into that shared mission to address the top issues in modern healthcare, starting with increasing clinician capacity. 

“Despite the fact that the U.S. has one of the best healthcare systems in the world, it still faces a number of issues ranging from operational inefficiencies to high costs and restricted access to care,” Aniq Rahman, founder and CEO of Florence, told VatorNews.


“Florence seeks to address these issues at their root by introducing new technology and streamlined processes that make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and patient-centered, while also providing much-needed relief to healthcare staff.”


The ultimate goal with this acquisition, he explained, is to revolutionize the healthcare system by integrating Zipnosis’ asynchronous care platform to create a seamless and patient-centered experience.


“Success for us means establishing an equitable and accessible healthcare system that addresses operational inefficiencies, high costs, and uneven access to care,” Rahman tells VatorNews. “Collaboration with the Zipnosis team, who shares our vision, will enable us to make a significant impact in transforming the industry and improving the lives of patients and providers as we lead a global shift towards a more efficient and modern healthcare delivery system.”

Far from a quick fix, Axios goes on to explain how Florence is dedicated to creating an integrative, future-facing solution. In preparation for launch, Florence raised $20 million in seed funding led by Thrive Capital, GV (Google Ventures), and Salesforce Ventures with participation from Vast Ventures, BoxGroup and Atento Capital. 

“When we’re selling to enterprise health systems, they want to make sure that if they’re doing a deal with an early stage company that that company is going to be around — especially if that’s mission critical software that’s being deployed in their emergency room,” Rahman says.

This acquisition is an exciting time for Zipnosis. We are thrilled to be joining an organization dedicated to improving efficiency for clinicians while making quality care more accessible and affordable for patients. We are proud of where we’ve been and more excited than ever for the future.

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