Chris Nelson
Sr. Manager of Product and Engineering

At Zipnosis we are big advocates of the asynchronous adaptive interview – it’s convenient, easy to use for patients and providers, and improves efficiency for health systems.

However, we also believe that sometimes the most appropriate care involves patients and providers seeing eye-to-eye. This is why our platform includes synchronous telehealth as one of our four modes of care.

Until now, our video visits were exclusively a one-to-one experience. But no longer! 

Today I’m excited to announce that we’ve expanded beyond one patient and one provider with, wait for the clever name… Multiparty Video! Now both patients and providers will be able to invite guest users (the platform supports up to six additional guests) to their video visits in a user friendly AND secure way. 

How (and when) can Multiparty Video be incorporated into your health system’s workflows? We have already heard about several potential use cases from our awesome customers:   

  • Translation: A patient may want to include a child or friend to translate for them, or a provider may want to loop in their health system’s translation service.
  • Including decision makers: An adult caregiver can join a visit to participate in decision-making. 
  • School nurse visits: School nurses can include both parents and physicians in visits.
  • Consulting a colleague: Providers can add a specialist to a visit, include a social worker, or simply get a second opinion from another provider.
  • Rural visits: Rural providers can add specialists their patients would otherwise not have access to on a visit. 

This feature was developed with flexibility in mind, and our hope is that it can both meet existing care needs while serving as a springboard for innovative future use cases. We’re excited to start exploring those use cases with you.

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