Virtual Care in a Trump America: Making Care Great Again

Value-Based Care: It’s Here and Virtual Care is Part of the Equation


Calculator: Patient Leakage

Offering Virtual Care to the Marketplace

  • Offering virtual care can help you capture more patient visits and prevent visits from leaking out of your health system, directly impacting your bottom line. Answer a few easy questions and find out how much your health system could be leaving on the table.
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Calculator: Cost Shift Revenue

Offering Virtual Care to Covered Populations

Calculator: Patient Acquisition Revenue

  • Offering virtual care can help you add new patients to your health system, where allowed by regulations. Answer a few easy questions and discover your potential revenue impact of patient acquisition through virtual care!
  • Enter a number between 1 and 100 - no % necessary. Independent research indicates a 25% conversion rate of virtual care users to health system patients.
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