Webinar: The Business Case for Investing in Virtual Care with Carrot Health


New research demonstrates how virtual care adds significant incremental revenue to a health systems’ bottom line. You’ll gain in-depth insights into new research demonstrating the downstream revenue impacts of virtual care as a patient acquisition strategy, and get the information you need to effectively measure your return on investment and create a data-driven culture.


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  • The virtual care ROI study
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Key Takeaways

  • Out of a cohort of 974 virtual care users who had not received care from the health system in the previous 24 months, approximately 25% converted to a health system patient by receiving in-person care within 12 months of their virtual visit.

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  • These conversions resulted in an average annual revenue increase of nearly $3,000 per converted patient, totaling more than $708,000 in incremental annual revenue.
  • Key decision makers in strategy, planning, marketing, and the service line must be empowered and equipped with the right information to create a data- and results-driven culture.


jon-pearce-zipnosisJon Pearce, CEO, Zipnosis

Kurt Waltenbaugh, Founder and CEO of Carrot HealthKurt Waltenbaugh, Founder and CEO, Carrot Health