Webinar: How to Get Virtual Care Right the First Time with Bryan Health


Learn how a leading health system successfully launched and took their virtual care service to market. Dr. Brian Bossard and Andy Whitney from Bryan Telemedicine, the virtual care arm of Bryan Health, share their first-hand experience selecting and launching their virtual care service line. They provide insight into the differences between virtual care solutions, best practices for bringing a virtual care service to market, and how virtual care can improve patient acquisition.


  • About Zipnosis
  • About Bryan Telemedicine
  • Why choose virtual care?
  • Selecting a virtual care partner
  • Launch plan and roll-out of the virtual care service line
  • Results
  • What’s next for Bryan Health
  • Questions

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Key Takeaways

  • Bryan Health implemented virtual care with Zipnosis to increase access to care, attract new patients, use staff and resources more efficiently, and improve clinical quality.
  • In 2016, 27% of patients who used the virtual care service were new to the Bryan Health system, and average clinician work time for a virtual visit was just 2 minutes.
  • From November 2016 to February 2017, total patient encounters increased 41%.
  • Post-visit surveys indicated that 68% of patients who used the virtual care service would have sought care outside the Bryan Health system if it was not an option.


jon-pearce-zipnosisJon Pearce, CEO, Zipnosis

Kevin Smith - Zipnosis Chief Clinical OfficerKevin Smith, Chief Clinical Officer, Zipnosis

Brian Bossard Bryan TelemedicineDr. Brian Bossard, President, Bryan Telemedicine

Andy Whitney Bryan TelemedicineAndy Whitney, Director of Telemedicine Services, Bryan Telemedicine