Webinar: Launching and Scaling Virtual Care with Ascension Wisconsin


William Brazeau, Virtual Care System Director at Ascension Wisconsin, shares their first-hand experience launching and strategically growing their virtual care service line. William provides insight into why and how Ascension Wisconsin launched virtual care, optimization of their virtual care service offering, and their virtual care service results.


  • About Zipnosis
  • About Ascension Wisconsin
  • Strategize: why virtual care?
  • Launch strategy and go to market
  • Optimize to serve growth and scaling objectives
  • Measure impact with results and reporting
  • Questions

Key Takeaways

  • Virtual care was a low-cost expansion option for Ascension Wisconsin to meet customer needs, while also positioning the health system as a first-mover in northeast Wisconsin.
  • Zipnosis and Ascension Wisconsin rolled out their virtual care service line in just 60 days.

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  • On average, patients receive a diagnosis within 10 minutes, and clinicians spend less than 2 minutes per visit.
  • 86% of virtual care patients say they would recommend the service to a friend.



Jon Pearce, CEO, Zipnosis

William Brazeau Ascension WisconsinWilliam Brazeau, Virtual Care Program Director, Ascension Wisconsin