Case Study: Fairview Health Services Connects the Online Patient Encounter with In-Person Care


In this case study, Fairview Health Services (Fairview) realizes the benefits of ZipTicket, Zipnosis’s HIPAA-compliant solution that facilitates more efficient lab testing with virtual care. Strep throat, the example presented in the case study, requires lab testing for an accurate diagnosis but is frequently over-treated with antibiotics; this issue is resolved with ZipTicket.

Key Takeaways

  • Approximately $2.4 million in out-of-pocket patient costs and 18,000 staff hours could be saved if all patients sought “sore throat” care virtually with Zipnosis rather than the traditional in-person visit.
  • Lab tests with ZipTicket resulted in 50% fewer prescriptions than the national average.
  • Patients realized a 300% time savings and 50% cost savings for lab tests.
  • ZipTicket enabled a workflow of 5-10 minutes for providers (2-5 minutes for physicians), rather than the typical 40-50 minute workflow in the office or urgent care.