Zipnosis lets providers do what they do best: provide care.

Providers are struggling with high stress, huge workloads, and increasing burnout. Let Zipnosis be the solution to a better provider experience and leave the burden of busy work to us.


The answer to the largest problems in healthcare should not require more from providers.

Consumers are demanding change.

  • Seeking more convenient healthcare experiences
  • Frustrated by complexities of the healthcare system
  • Spending dramatically more out of pocket on healthcare

Providers can't meet demands on their own.

  • Expected to treat more patients with fewer resources
  • Burdened by the administrative load of EHR systems
  • Experiencing increased burnout
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Don’t let your telehealth solution be a reason for added stress. 

Lisa is already burdened by a heavy clinical schedule and tedious EHR entries. She doesn’t need another telehealth platform that requires time-consuming consultations. She needs technology that eases her workload by collecting symptoms so she can make a diagnosis and recommend treatment quickly.

With The Digital Front Door® solution, you’re able to create significant efficiencies for your providers. Everything from care plans, clinical notes, and prescriptions are prepopulated in the platform, reducing the need for manual documentation and saving your provider’s time.

reduced provider burnout target
Improved efficiency

Lisa can treat a patient virtually in as little as two minutes without extra data entry

reduced provider burnout target
Better use of time

She has more personalized care with the patients who need it

reduced provider burnout target
More support

Lisa feels less burdened by her workload and she still gets to provide quality care


We are your relentless ally. Together we can make change happen. 

Progressive healthcare leaders know the industry needs to change and that virtual care is the solution. But change can’t come at the cost of losing patients, disrupting care, or dismantling the system already in place. 

At Zipnosis, our team is your team. We work closely with you to get you up and running in as little as 60 days. We’ll stick with you to help you meet the evolving needs and challenges of your organization and ensure continual success. That’s a change everyone can get behind.

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second provider work time per visit

We’re driving healthcare change with ideas and action.