A patient experience that drives the right metrics.

Patient acquisition and retention have never been more important as health systems strive to recover from the pandemic. As a proven leader in patient satisfaction, we help health systems leverage telemedicine to drive patient loyalty and in turn, increased revenue.


Consumers are demanding change.

satisfied patient check
Seeking more convenient healthcare experiences and easier access
satisfied patient check
Frustrated by the complexities of the healthcare system
satisfied patient check
Spending dramatically more out of pocket on health care
Did you know?

It is up to 7x more expensive to get a patient back after you’ve lost them. We’re here to help keep patients in your system, and money in your pocket.

patient experience matters

Zoey wants more from her patient experience. 

Zoey doesn’t have time to wait at a clinic. Even a phone visit is twenty minutes she can’t spare. And if she misses the phone call, the process starts all over again. 

She wants to share her symptoms with a provider quickly so she can get back to her life. She wants a patient experience that’s simple, seamless, and treats her like a human. 

With Zipnosis’ store-and-forward clinical protocols, Zoey gets the care she’s looking for without any of the hassle. Quality care doesn’t have to be complicated.

Less hassle

Zoey saves herself hours of time and avoids having to navigate a confusing system

More convenience

Zoey can access care from anywhere, anytime

Gained trust

Now that Zoey has had a good experience, it means she’s more likely to come back for future needs

When patient experience becomes your competitive advantage.


virtual care patients are new to health systems


Remove the complexities of care with The Digital Front Door® solution.

Virtual care isn’t about replacing in-person care, it’s about giving patients the right care when they need it. The Digital Front Door® solution was designed to turn patient experiences into consumer-grade interactions from start to finish.


digital front door patient experience
positive patient experience

We are your relentless ally. Together we can make change happen. 

Progressive healthcare leaders know the industry needs to change and that virtual care is the solution. But change can’t come at the cost of losing patients, disrupting care, or dismantling the system already in place. 

At Zipnosis, our team is your team. We work closely with you to get you up and running in as little as 60 days. We’ll stick with you to help you meet the evolving needs and challenges of your organization and ensure continual success. That’s a change everyone can get behind.


Net Promoter score from patients

Annual revenue per new patient

second provider work time for asynch visits

Capture more patients by meeting their needs.

We’re the leader in patient satisfaction. Take a page from our book and learn how consumerism can help your system drive health outcomes.

We’re driving healthcare change with ideas and action.

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