This is virtual care for the future of healthcare.

This isn’t your typical telehealth technology. It’s robust virtual medicine for everything from urgent care to follow-up and surgical care, behavioral health, occupational medicine and more. This is a better healthcare experience.

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Patient Experience

89% of patients who used the Zipnosis platform would recommend virtual care to a friend

Clinical Efficiency

Clinicians quickly treat and diagnose patients in as little as 2 minutes without added burden of documentation

Patient Acquisition

25%-35% of new virtual care users become health system patients within one year

Zoey uses her phone for everything. Now she can use it for healthcare, too.

Zoey doesn’t have time to wait at a clinic. Even a video chat with a doctor is twenty minutes she can’t spare. She wants to share her symptoms with a physician quickly so she can get back to her life. She wants a healthcare experience that’s simple, seamless, and treats her like a human.

Less Hassle

Zoey saves herself hours of time and avoids having to navigate a confusing system

More Convenience

Zoey can access healthcare anytime, anywhere, right from her phone

Gained Trust

Her good experience means she’s more likely to go back to that organization for future needs

Zipnosis lets providers do what they do best: provide care.

Lisa is already burdened by a heavy clinical schedule and tedious EHR entries. She doesn’t need another telehealth platform that requires time-consuming consultations. She needs technology that eases her workload by collecting symptoms so she can make a diagnosis and recommend treatment quickly.


Improved Efficiency

Lisa can treat a patient virtually in as little as two minutes without extra data entry

Better Use of Time

She has more time to spend in person with the patients who need it

More Support

Lisa feels less burdened by her workload and she still gets to provide quality care

Change requires action. We’re by your side and ready to make it happen.

Progressive healthcare leaders know the industry needs to change. But change can’t come at the cost of losing patients, disrupting care or dismantling the systems already in place.

We’ll help your organization get up and running in as little as sixty days and maintain a strategic partnership to drive your continual success. And because Zipnosis goes beyond urgent care, you’ll see improved efficiency and financial gains throughout your organization. That’s change everyone can get behind.


Net Promoter score from patients

Annual revenue per new patient

days until implementation

second provider work time for asynch visits

Built for a better healthcare experience.

System Integration

Create a unified patient and provider experience by integrating with your EHR, patient portal, claims processes, and scheduling systems.

Multimodal Care

Patients get a personalized care experience through a combination of asynchronous online interview, video and phone consultations, and real-time chat.

Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting and analytics let you run quickly and easily access data about your virtual care program.

Virtual Triage & Care Navigation

Platform enables you to check symptoms and route patients to the appropriate level of care — whether that is a virtual visit or an in-person visit within your system.

Managed Clinical Protocols

Get the widest variety of clinical protocols on the market, all built on a foundation of national best practice guidelines and maintained by our expert clinical team.

Flexible Workflows

Leverage the multimodal platform to expand beyond urgent care in service areas such as behavioral health, post-operative care, occupational medicine, and more.

The healthcare and technology experts you want by your side.

To forge a new healthcare experience, you need a partner who knows how it’s done. We started our business to spur a new way of thinking healthcare, and we partner with organizations who are ready to deliver next-generation patient care.

Whether you already have a virtual care system in place, or this is a new offering for your organization, we’ll be by your side to get you through implementation quickly and seamlessly. And that’s just the beginning. Once you’re up and running, we continue to help you stay on top of regulatory changes, keep your technology running smoothly, and offer marketing support to drive traffic to your program.

Healthcare experiences matter. So does your virtual care ROI.

Zipnosis is a powerful tool for acquiring new patients and providing durable, down-stream financial gains.

We’re in the business of creating healthcare disruption.