It’s time for the traditional healthcare model to get out of its own way.

Healthcare needs to change, but not at the expense of the health systems healing our country. We use top clinical data and technology that’s built around the people who use it. We’re driving lower cost of care and better health outcomes. The change starts here.


We created the enterprise virtual care the industry needs.

For too long, healthcare has settled for the status quo. We thought there had to be a better way. So we’re doing it. That means less wasted time, energy and resources. That means face-to-face help when it’s needed, and virtual solutions when it’s not. We are the change healthcare needs.

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Backed by industry experts.

We team with our advisory council who provides leading-edge direction and feedback on our virtual care solution, helping us continue to outperform top telehealth companies.

Clinical Quality Advisory Council
Working with our clinical team, these clinical leaders review quality metrics and continually drive the quality of care delivered through the Zipnosis platform.

  • Anthony Consolazio, MD (UHS)
  • Bryce Holderness, MD FACP (Cottage Health)
  • Christie Erickson, NP (Essentia Health)
  • Karl Speers, DO (Mission Health)
  • Kathryn King, MD (MUSC)
  • Nicholas Gavin, MD (Mt. Sinai)
  • Joseph Chow, MD, MBA (Team Health)
  • Lou E. Romig, MD, FAAP, FACEP (Team Health)
  • Matthew J Gorman, MD (OSF Healthcare)
  • Melinda Cooling, DNP, APN, NEA-BC (OSF Healthcare)
  • Shana Catoe Bondo, MD (MUSC)
  • Terry Rascoe, MD (BSW Health)
  • Megan M. Gersbach , MD (BSW Health)
  • Stacy Brown, MD (Ballad Health)


  • Lou E. Romig, MD, FAAP, FACEP (Team Health)
  • Matthew J Gorman, MD (OSF Healthcare)
  • Shana Catoe Bondo, MD (MUSC)
  • Megan M. Gersbach , MD (BSW Health)
  • Stacy Brown, MD (Ballad Health)

Traditional care blended with virtual care to create the future of healthcare, today.


The only platform designed to improve care by routing patients to the best modality based on their specific condition and needs. This is enterprise virtual care that you can trust.

Certified security

Our certifications allow us to address challenges through a flexible framework of prescriptive and scalable security controls.

Complete EMR integration

We’re not here to replace your EMR (trust us, we don’t want to). Our solution was designed to create better care experiences through seamless, secure, interoperability.

American Disabilities Act compliant

Our solution has the power to expand access across all demographics. Accessibility and compliance is what sets us apart.

Patient experience

89% of patients who used the Zipnosis platform would recommend virtual care to a friend

Clinical efficiency

Providers have more time to spend with patients with the patients that need it

Patient acquisition

25% to 35% of new virtual care users become health system patients within one year

Remove the complexities of care with The Digital Front Door® solution.

Virtual care isn’t about replacing in-person care, it’s about giving patients the right care when they need it. The Digital Front Door® solution was designed to turn patient experiences into consumer-grade interactions from start to finish.


Capture more patients by meeting their needs.

We’re the leader in patient satisfaction. Take a page from our book and learn how consumerism can help your system drive health outcomes.

We are united by a vision to redefine the healthcare experience.

I started Zipnosis to rev up the slow-moving machine of traditional healthcare. Consumers, empowered by technology, are demanding more from all of their experiences, including healthcare. Video-first telemedicine services for urgent care no longer cut it. That’s not the way the world works. When was the last time you bought anything online using video chat?

I knew we could do better. I knew we could create device-agnostic care that offers patients greater choice and convenience, offers providers improved efficiency and boosts the bottom line for health organizations. And I knew we could expand this beyond urgent care to fill more gaps in the care continuum. It’s working.

At Zipnosis, we are a team of unconventional thinkers—experts in clinical care, regulatory changes, technology, marketing—who are heralding change in an industry that is badly in need of disruption.

Jon Pearce, Founder & Former CEO

Enterprise virtual care that you can trust.

HIPAA Compliant
Connected to Surescripts
Reviewed by Accessible360

We’re driving healthcare change with ideas and action.