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Minnesota-based Zipnosis named 2021’s Hottest Digital Startup From Flyover Country by

“Nearly a decade ago, Zipnosis’ vision was to transform healthcare by making it fit into the slipstream of our lives. At that time, people would tell me just how “disruptive” that vision was to which I’d reply—no, healthcare is actually one of the most disruptive and complicated services I use, if we’re successful Zipnosis will make healthcare simple and convenient for users,” said CEO Jon Pearce. “Today we’re honored to see that vision become reality as we help healthcare providers and patients navigate all these changes.”

National telehealth platform Zipnosis is the white-label, Digital Front Door® solution for more than 50 health systems nationwide. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for a year of incredible virtual care acceleration, as countless healthcare providers implemented and expanded online solutions for routine care.

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