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Virtual Care: The Missing Ingredient to Your Digital Health Strategy

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Zipnosis Team

Zipnosis Team
October 26, 2017

Technology is driving the future of care delivery, and it is important for the healthcare industry to stay current with these innovative solutions—so critical, in fact, that it can affect a health system’s organizational success. Faced with the rising tide of consumerism in patient populations, the increasing competition from traditional and non-traditional healthcare companies, and the fast-moving transition to value-based care, healthcare entities are looking to technology—including virtual care—to answer these challenges.

Specifically, being successful in this new age of technology-driven care requires health systems to build a seamless, comprehensive digital health ecosystem. This ecosystem needs to support the health systems’ overall goals, including enhanced patient access, continuity of care, streamlining processes like billing and claims, easy patient visit scheduling, and top-of-the-line patient experience—all while improving patient outcomes. Read more. 

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