Matt Hodges
Matt Hodges
VP, Marketing

Chattanooga is now home to the fastest, most accessible healthcare in Tennessee.


CHATTANOOGA, Sept. 19, 2023 — While patient wait times, healthcare costs and clinician burnout are rising nationwide, Doctors Tye Young and Bradley Keel with RockPoint Rapid Care are reshaping the future of primary care in partnership with cutting-edge health tech startup, Florence. Chattanooga is the epicenter of patient-centered care in Tennessee, setting a new standard for speed, convenience and accessibility. Area residents can now start primary and urgent care visits 24/7 and get care from local physicians in as little as 30 minutes from the convenience of their phones. 

Named a Rising Star as part of the Forbes’ Cloud 100 list, Florence enables RockPoint clinicians to treat common conditions (e.g., cold, flu, stomach problems, bladder infections, prescription refills and more) without an appointment. The patient simply logs onto the platform and answers a series of guided questions. Then a local physician reviews the patient’s answers to provide a diagnosis and treatment plan.

“A patient called in last week with a urinary tract infection, but we were booked for the next two days,” said Bradley Keel, D.O., an internal medicine doctor with RockPoint. “Our staff pointed the patient to and she was treated in minutes. It was incredible for the patient and really gratifying that we can now help patients whenever they are sick. I love that we can get a more holistic view of our patients while treating more of their needs.”

“The primary cause of escalating healthcare expenses and decreased patient accessibility is limited provider capacity,” said Matt Hodges, vice president of marketing at Florence. “An astonishing 47% of primary care visits end up in urgent and emergency care due to scheduled workflows and limited capacity. Dr. Young, Dr. Keel, and RockPoint can treat most low-acuity needs in less than two minutes via Florence’s platform, Zipnosis, supporting on-demand patient needs. The approach reduces a typical urgent care visit to $35, compared to $150 at an urgent care clinic. This innovative care model is why Dr. Keel is my primary care provider.”

The Zipnosis platform leverages intelligent adaptive interviews that enable providers to treat patients in just 89 seconds—10 times faster than a video or in-clinic visit. This efficiency enables RockPoint Rapid Care to increase visit volume by 60% per day, reduce healthcare costs and spend more time in-person with the patients who need it most.  

With an average patient wait time of less than 30 minutes and a flat fee of $35 per visit, RockPoint’s virtual care service makes healthcare more accessible than traditional modes of care:

RockPoint’s new platform is open to existing and new patients within Tennessee and Georgia. To start a visit, visit

About RockPoint Rapid Care

RockPoint Rapid Care serves Chattanooga area residents in Tennessee and Georgia. Doctors Tye Young and Bradley Keel are pioneering modern primary care to ensure patients get the right care at the right time. The practice leverages a hybrid approach to care, delivering in-person care for wellness visits, chronic care and newly developed conditions while offering industry-leading asynchronous telehealth for common emergent conditions typically treated in urgent care clinics. RockPoint is a sister practice to RiverRun Health in Chattanooga. 

About Florence (DBA Zipnosis) 

Florence is a health tech company that enables omnichannel access while solving healthcare’s biggest constraint: clinical capacity. Florence recently acquired Minneapolis-based Zipnosis, the leader in asynchronous care, advancing Florence’s mission to deliver faster, higher quality and more accessible care while reducing costs via consumer-grade patient experiences that automate clinical workflows.  

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