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Texas eHealth Alliance Visits Zipnosis

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Zipnosis Team

Zipnosis Team
September 19, 2018

On August 30, leadership from the Texas eHealth Alliance (TeHA) visited Zipnosis as part of their strategy to grow relationships with members and better understand the technology that’s being used in healthcare today. The meeting included a product demonstration, discussion of how Texas telemedicine policy has impacted Zipnosis customers, and TeHA’s continued focus on ensuring Texas is leading the charge in healthcare innovation.

Zipnosis has a long history with TeHA. Dr. Rebecca Hafner-Fogarty, Zipnosis’ founding chief medical officer and current senior vice president of policy and strategy serves on the board. The two organizations partnered closely to help guide Texas’ well-publicized telemedicine bill (SB 1107) that was signed into law in May of 2017.

“Our close relationship with Zipnosis made this visit particularly valuable,” said Nora Belcher, executive director for TeHA. “We were excited to meet the people behind the technology and continue discussions about how we can advocate for digital health policy that facilitates innovation while maintaining the rigorous patient protections that are so important.”

Dr. Hafner-Fogarty echoed that sentiment, stating, “It is truly an honor to work with TeHA. They are one of the foremost digital health advocacy organizations in the country. We appreciate their partnership and thoughtful approach to making Texas a leader in innovative healthcare delivery.”

Zipnosis’ work with TeHA is part of their larger regulatory focus, helping to ensure health system customers in Texas and across the country are able to launch virtual care in a way that follows the letter and spirit of the law.

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