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Direct-to-consumer telehealth has been one of the stalwarts of the past decade, offering providers and consumers the opportunity to collaborate online without the hassle of appointments, offices or even prior contact.

Most often the service is episodic and transactional, says Joe Kvedar, vice president of connected health at Partners Health and president of the American Telemedicine Association, who moderated a virtual panel on the topic at this year’s ATA online conference in June. The connected health platform enables two parties to come together and solve a quick and easy health problem, with minimal emotional interaction or long-term requirements.

Many believe it’s “the next iteration of consumer-facing care,” says Patrick Carroll, chief medical officer for Hims & Hers, an online health and wellness company, who was part of the ATA panel. He and others envision a future where consumers can go online and shop for healthcare services as they do for clothes, books, airline tickets and other product and services.

So what are the most popular – and effective – uses for a DTC telehealth platform? In no particular order, these are the five that have drawn the most attention.

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