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Online-care software company Zipnosis nabs $3 million

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Zipnosis Team

Zipnosis Team
August 20, 2018

Zipnosis Inc., which makes the software that drives many health systems’ online-care programs, has closed on $3 million in equity financing.

The Minneapolis-based company launched about a decade ago and initially developed an online-diagnosis service it pitched directly to consumers. The company later changed course and began marketing its software to health care providers, which use the company’s technology to create their own branded online-care offerings.

Most of Minnesota’s major health care providers, including Minneapolis-based Allina Health System and Fairview Health Services, are Zipnosis customers. Minneapolis-based Fairview is also an investor in the company.

In March, Zipnosis struck a deal with the American Academy of Family Physicians, which will use Zipnosis’ technology to launch a virtual health program to its roughly 129,000 members. The company will put its recent round of funding toward supporting its partnership with AAFP and the launch of a new product for the post-operative care market, Zipnosis CEO and co-founder Jon Pearce said in an email. The new product will allow hospitals and surgery centers to provide online follow-up care to patients after they undergo orthopedic procedures. Read more.

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