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A Minnesota health system is using a telehealth platform to connect with consumers and assess their chances of developing diabetes or heart disease.

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Zipnosis Team

Zipnosis Team
September 2, 2016

Fairview Health Services recently launched a new digital tool to help identify people at risk of diabetes or heart disease. The online health risk assessments are currently available to select members of its 22,000-plus employee workforce, and Fairview plans to expand the program to its patients and all Minnesota residents.

Using an asynchronous platform developed by Zipnosis, Fairview will offer an online adaptive questionnaire, accessible on iOS and Android devices, that calculates the patient’s risk of developing diabetes or heart disease. If needed, the patient is issued a ZipTicket boarding pass, or an instant referral to a nearby lab for diagnostic tests.

Within 48 hours after the labs are taken, a Fairview provider will review the questionnaire and tests and issue a recommendation via e-mail, along with links to educational resources. The patient can then schedule an appointment with his or her primary care provider, if necessary.

The mHealth tool could also help healthcare providers reach under-served populations who don’t have insurance or visit a doctor on a regular basis.

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