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Comparing 11 top telehealth platforms: Company execs tout quality, safety, EHR integrations

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Zipnosis Team

Zipnosis Team
August 11, 2017

We asked company leaders from American Well to Zipnosis to explain how their services work, and why they are seeing a surge in telehealth interest.
Zipnosis Platform

“We’ve had more telehealth visits during the last year than in the nine previous years combined,” said Katie Ruigh, senior vice president of product at telemedicine technology vendor American Well. “In terms of clients, we have about 70 health systems using our platform, and we had half that at the end of 2015.”

Currently, 31 percent of healthcare organizations use video-based telemedicine services and 34 percent offer remote patient monitoring, according to a KPMG survey conducted by HIMSS Analytics. Expansion plans for these services will drive future use with another 44 percent of healthcare organizations eyeing video-based telemedicine services and 48 percent planning for remote patient monitoring, the survey of 147 C-suite, IT and clinical leaders found.

“The business case for implementing a virtual care program is improving as healthcare evolves toward value-based care incentives from limited fee-for-service reimbursements,” said Richard Bakalar, MD, KPMG managing director and member of the firm’s Global Healthcare Center of Excellence. “It’s more efficient for high cost and limited clinical staff as well as other onsite resources, while making it more convenient and timely for patients to receive their care.”

In this guide, we gave executives from 11 telehealth company’s a chance to talk about what their products offer and how they are attempting to help healthcare providers gain a stronger expertise with their telehealth solutions. Read more.

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