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Together, we are building healthcare for today’s consumer and tomorrow’s dynamic health organizations—prioritizing the only two people that matter in healthcare: patients and providers.

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Traditional healthcare is broken. Together, we’re building a better way.

81% of consumers are unsatisfied with their healthcare experiences.

  • 51% say convenience and access to care are the most important factors in choosing a provider
  • 88% want to continue using telehealth after covid passes
  • 35% would consider replacing their primary care providers with qualified physicians on demand via telehealth

Provider capacity and efficiency limit organizational goals.

  • Hybrid and virtual care strategies require off-peak and after-hours provider network coverage
  • Some organizations seek to offload low-acuity virtual cases to create more provider capacity for higher acuity populations
  • Others have extra capacity or organizational goals to serve all patients with employed providers

Healthcare’s Marketplace: Connect patient demand with provider capacity

Our revolutionary provider network onloads and offloads patient demand based on your provider capacity or organizational goals:

• Gain acute visits and specialty referrals
• Leverage 24/7/365 access to providers across 50 states

connect patient demand with provider capacity
connect patient demand with provider capacity

Who uses DocSquad’s provider network?

provider network patient experience
Instant nationwide provider network for acute care. Expanding coverage for primary and behavioral care.
provider group provider network
Provider Groups
Health systems and provider groups refer patients for load balancing, specialist coverage, after-hours care.
pharma provider network
Pharmaceutical companies that are launching new products ranging from glucose monitoring to drugs for osteoporosis.
direct to consumer provider network
Direct to Consumer
Organizations attracting patient demand that do not employ or have access to a provider network.

A provider network for a better patient experience

Healthcare’s Marketplace prioritizes local virtual care to establish relationships and speed in-person care when needed.

min wait time after completing intelligent interview

access to board certified providers

Amplified by efficiency

Amplified by efficiency


automation of administration work

second average clinical work time


adherence to clinical guidelines



“I would like to say to whomever is the person who made the app or takes feedback- As a rare disease patient, thank you so so much. I have never seen this sort of care before and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the simple platform and how easy it is to get care and treatment plans within seconds, without scheduling hours out of my already packed day to get something as simple as cream. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that someone finally came up with an idea so genuinely thoughtful.”

JULIA R. — North Carolina

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