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Scott Bader

Scott Bader hard at work at Zipnosis's Minneapolis headquarters.

Today it’s my pleasure to announce the newest Zipnosis product feature: Provider Initiated Step-Up! We’ve also been known to call it PISU, though my marketing team just informed me pronouncing it “pea-soo” outside of our office is off-limits. So ignore that last bit.

PISU, so hot right now!

And it really is. As product manager at Zipnosis I get to work with both my colleagues on the customer success team and our customers themselves to ensure we’re adapting our product features to best meet their needs and challenges. Our goal is to help our customers be successful in implementing integrated virtual care, and that starts by listening to their ongoing feedback. Which is exactly what led to the buildout of Provider Initiated Step-Up. Shout out to the health systems (you know who you are) that helped us see the value of PISU to both providers and patients. You helped make virtual care just a little better for everyone by speaking up, and we all thank you.

So, what is it?

Provider Initiated Step-Up is a feature added to our asynchronous adaptive interviews. In short, it gives physicians the flexibility to seamlessly transition (or “step-up”) an asynchronous visit to a chat, video, or phone visit if they have follow up questions for the patient. The best part? The step-up all happens within the virtual protocol, meaning providers don’t need to re-ask or re-document the information the patient has already provided.

Why it benefits providers

Apart from “the best part” I just mentioned, providers are also empowered to get all of the patient information they need to confidently make medical decisions.
At times providers see information in patients’ asynchronous interview responses that they feel requires follow up. For example, a patient lists a diabetes medication but denies diabetes as a condition. Or, a patient shows record of doing three virtual visits within the hour. In both cases, the provider would want to follow up to get additional context from the patient prior to providing a diagnosis. With PISU that is completely possible, and again, all within the context of the virtual visit protocol.

Why it benefits patients

Patients seeking virtual care are doing so for a reason. Whether it’s time, transportation, cost, or just preference… they are intentionally choosing virtual care.
Prior to PISU, if a provider had a follow-up question the patient would likely be routed to in-person care, which they may or may not be able to access. With Provider Initiated Step-Up providers can honor a patient’s choice to get virtual care and virtually complete their visit through to a diagnosis. All of this leads to a great patient experience, which is a win for the patient AND the health system.

Want to learn more?

So, there you have it! The 30,000-foot view on Provider Initiated Step-Up. If you want to learn more we’re happy to talk a LOT more about this, so please don’t hesitate to reach out on our Contact Us page. Or, if you’re a customer, you can email your customer success manager at any time.

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