Vicki Shaw
Vicki Shaw
VP, Marketing and Sales

Progress is rarely made without friction and today’s healthcare challenges are like sandpaper. There is a litany of new articles and discussions highlighting issues that go beyond traditional concerns or rising healthcare costs, access, and quality. In many ways, the recent problems facing healthcare have been caused by layering Band-Aids on the old system. What am I referring to? 

  • Staffing shortages 
  • Provider burnout 
  • Delayed and avoided care 
  • Fragmented care 
  • Consumerism 
  • Health equity 
  • Behavioral health 

Solving these challenges will require partnerships and non-traditional approaches, and these issues are the core motivating factors for our team. It’s why we’re building Healthcare’s Marketplace, the reason we believe in asynchronous care, and why we coined the term Digital Front Door®.  If you want to solve the challenges above, are you talking to the right partner?  Are they bringing you solutions that: 

  • Reduce 99% of administrative burden 
  • Create efficient visits that take only 89 seconds of provider work time and leave patients ecstatic 
  • Increase provider capacity 
  • Offer flexible staffing solutions for virtual care strategies 
  • Bring convenience to consumers 
  • Bridge the divide for rural and Spanish-speaking patients 
  • Give you access to specialty consults in minutes versus days 

This blog isn’t a fluffy feel-good piece. I wrote this to start conversations with progressive professionals who are passionate about strategy, transformation, digital solutions, patient experience, access, and innovation.  

We don’t sell technology. We partner with organizations to solve real challenges by stepping outside the confines of traditional healthcare. Are you ready to shift paradigms and make significant improvements for the only two people that matter in healthcare: patients and providers? Reach out and let’s revolutionize the industry together.

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