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Mariah Lusian
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I started at Zipnosis during a global pandemic. With a stay-at-home order in place, my 550 square-foot studio apartment became my new “office”. From the comfort of my couch, I logged in for onboarding and started meeting all of my new colleagues…via Zoom. Even virtually, the purpose driven mission and passion of the organization was clear. We are all here to “be the change”—in healthcare, in technology, and in our community.

Our commitment to community engagement and company culture has helped me feel connected in a time where isolation has become (what seems like) second nature. In this era of social-distancing, the Zipnosis team has found new ways to continue engaging with our community and offering our support to those in need. 

We have a group of employees that go by FITO (Fun In The “Office”), a committee dedicated to finding ways for our team to connect. Every Zipnosis employee is allotted eight hours of paid time off to volunteer each month. So FITO, in particular, works on identifying community engagement opportunities for the team. Whether it’s a troop of Zip employees masked up and ready to help social-distance style, or individual time spent virtually—we’re committed to making a difference in our community. 

Here are just a few things we’ve done this year this year:

A big turn out for an afternoon of packing meals at Every Meal.

CEO, Jon Pearce and CFO, Ben Bowman. Even our executives join in to get their hands dirty!

A group favorite this summer was spending time at the Urban Ventures Farm.

Here’s a few employees who commuted car-free to the office for a day as part of Move Minneapolis “Car-Free MSP” Day!

Starting a new job in a pandemic has been no easy feat (well, navigating 2020 in general hasn’t been exactly a walk in the park for anyone). Trying to learn a new role and build relationships remotely is a challenge I’m sure many of you can relate to. While we can’t control much of what goes on around us, we can still control the connections we build and the impact we make on our communities. At Zipnosis, we’re committed to giving back, getting involved and continuing to be the change.

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